It is necessary to achieve Product Market Fit


Have a testing process for in place to discover better ways to grow


Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) can be used to achieve a single measurable objective of growth Focus on delivering more value to more customers (by using One Metric That Matters)


#OMTM metric should quantify the value of your product. Base your #process and testing on the #scientific model. Growth Hacking is more than just a scientific model Deep #platform understanding is a huge competitive advantage and continuous learning in a constantly changing environment is of utmost importance Use #testing process to discover and optimize your strategies



Measure the variables that make up your OMTM and how they interplay with one another.


  Be completely dedicated to your target platforms as they are the key to attract your customers and convert them into fruitful leads. Start your journey with Principles → Process → Platform Knowledge → Strategies
Leverage only the best opportunities to accelerate growth.


    More testing will lead to more innovative discoveries.


Drive discovery and optimization of growth drivers through TESTING.      

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