Given the ever-increasing importance of technology in today’s digital marketplace, it’s even more crucial that we champion gender diversity in technology. Given that #gender #diversity is a good thing, and that women in leadership tend to produce better returns, what can you do to foster gender diversity in your company?

1. Recognize your hidden biases.

One of the toughest things about overcoming diversity issues is recognizing our own internal #biases. Are you looking to hire another person “like you,” or are you looking to fill in the talent gaps in your #leadership team by considering your own weaknesses and the weaknesses of your staff? Do you have unperceived biases?

2. Be willing to #change your #mind and #approach.

Make sure your team recognizes the value of different styles and approaches. Diverse teams don’t all work the same way. In 1984, women represented 37% of all computer science graduates. Now it is 18%. Faced with those numbers, we have to ask ourselves this question: Are we championing a #culture in technology that makes women want to be involved in technology?

3. #Hire more women.

There are many great #women leaders in the workforce. Seek them out. Listen to them. #Promote them. We are tilted too much to one side today; right the ship. Other women will be inspired by their success. What is the gender diversity of your intern pool? Your new-hire pool of recent #college graduates? And don’t just focus on gender diversity. Make sure all genders, races and backgrounds are represented and respected.