Compliance errors can lead to costly mistakes, and it’s no secret that labor laws are changing faster than companies can keep up with. By having an HR representative on your executive team, you’ll be kept up-to-date on what the organisation needs to do to stay compliant and risk adverse.


Human resources professionals are, by nature, programmed to help all aspects of the company align toward a cohesive goal. By involving them in the goal development process and keeping them aware of what each department within your organisation is doing, they can create cross-functional teams to better align the big-picture goals of your company with each task force in play.


Constructive conflict is a common theme among strong executive teams. Having an HR leader in every strategic meeting not only helps the executive team effectively communicate with each other, but provides employees with information they may find valuable.


When a company desires continual growth, HR plays a large role. HR professionals seek out new employees, hire them, train them, and ultimately build the team that will take your organisation to the next level.